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In 1870 - only five years after the end of the Civil War, and before the day of the telephone, electric light, or automobile - Peter Koenig founded a small wood yard on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit.

The company later added coal and fuel oil to the heating line, adding 3 locations and a 200,000 ton capacity dock on the Rouge River to service both industrial and home heating needs in metro Detroit.

In 1921, Koenig entered the building supply business to offset the seasonal nature of the heating business. The company opened a gravel pit in Oxford, Michigan, and bought a ship, the Peter Koenig, for dredging sand from Lake St. Clair. The gravel pit sits on an 1,100-acre site, having utilized dragline cranes, and diesel electric locomotives on its own railroad to move materials to the 500 tph wash plant. Materials are screened, separated, crushed, blended and washed to meet the most exacting Federal, State, ASTM or commercial specifications.

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In the late 1920’s, Koenig entered the ready-mixed concrete business, adding 4 locations and a fleet of 75+ trucks, becoming one of the largest producers of ready-mixed concrete in the state, delivering material throughout the metropolitan Detroit area.

In 2022, Koenig Sand and Gravel sold after 152 years and 4 generations in business. The company is one of the oldest service organizations in the country known for its integrity, quality of product and great employees. Now, Koenig Materials will continue the legacy while providing unmatched product and service to customers throughout southeast Michigan.

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